Rural Hall Fire Devils

Fire Devils Team

The Fire Devils include Donald Davis, Jason Hill, Andy
Marshall, Chad Blevins, team captain Josh Wright
and Nick Cardwell (kneeling in front).


September 22, 2007: The Fire Devils win 2nd Place Overall
(Silver Medal), two 2nd place medals, three 3rd place medals and
the 1st place trophy in the Instant Command 3 Blind Mice event
during the Hubert Firefighter Challenge held in Jacksonville, NC.

November, 2007: The Fire Devils bring home the 1st Place
Overall trophy after competing in its fourth competition during
the Yam Festival Firefighter Competition held in Tabor City, NC.

April 12, 2008: Attaining their self-imposed goal of bringing
home the gold (or First Place Overall) for their competition
efforts in the Central Carolina Firefighter Challenge in
Randolph County, the first challenge in which the team competed.