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   In the spring of 1968 two boys wishing to start a junior fire department approached several firefighters with their idea. The two, Hugh Billings and Reed Jarvis were persistent and by the summer of '68 the firemen decided to give the idea a chance. The department was formed with 16 boys.

With the help of the senior firefighter, the boys drew up the rules and regulations and elected their own officers. One of the rules was to remain a junior firefighter each boy had to maintain a high academic average in school and remain in good standing in the community. These standards are still in practice today.

The Jr. Fire Department has served a dual purpose: it has taught fire safety to our youth and has served as a source of highly-qualified and motivated senior volunteers. In 1976 five of the 12 junior firefighters were qualified as North Carolina EMTs. Eight young people have advanced from the Junior program in to the senior firefighter squad. At least five former junior firefighters have gone into some phase of firefighting as their career. As of 1977. Some of our present juniors are planning to have a firefighting career.

Rural Hall can boast of being the first department in Forsyth County to have an organized Jr. department.

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Eric Stewart - Fulltime Firefighter/EMT - Junior Supervisor

Billy Sparks - Captain - Assistant Junior Supervisor





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