Updated May 4 @ 2:25 PM


Attached is the updated Suspected Influenza (H1N1 Flu) Protocol issued by the State (Version 5-4-2009), and adopted by Forsyth County EMS. Please read the protocol and begin using it immediately.


Additional Information:


1)      When using an N-95 Mask and engaging in a procedure that poses a risk of exposure to blood or body fluid.

a.       After putting on the appropriately sized N-95 mask, place a regular surgical mask on over the N-95 mask to reduce the risk of droplet contamination to the N-95 mask.

b.      When the call is complete;

                                                               i.      Remove the regular surgical mask and dispose of it as biohazard waste.

                                                             ii.      Remove the N-95 mask and place it in a Zip-Loc bag for re-use.

                                                            iii.      Label the bag with your name and the date/time the N-95 was placed in the bag.

                                                           iv.      Keep the stored mask for future use.

2)      Re-use of an N-95 mask:

a.       N-95 masks may be re-used by the same individual, multiple times, and over multiple shifts as long as it is properly stored in a Zip-Loc bag.

b.      Use a new Zip-Loc bag each time the N-95 mask is stored. Label appropriately.

c.       You may use the same N-95 mask until It becomes either :visually soiled/contaminated” or “damaged” or saturated with moisture.

d.      Use care when placing a used respirator on the face to ensure proper fit for respiratory protection and to avoid contact with infectious material that may be present on the outside of the mask.

e.      Perform hand hygiene after replacing the respirator on the face.

3)      Replacement of an N-95 mask:

a.       Employees must turn in a “visually soiled/contaminated” or “damaged” N-95 mask in order to receive a new N-95.

b.      Please place used mask in a plastic bag and dispose of in biohazard waste.


Dr. Alson and FCEMS Administration are monitoring the situation and will issue changes and/or additional information as necessary. All personnel should monitor email for additional communications concerning this matter.


Major R.L. Overman, BS, NREMT-P

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